Reverberations – Healing From Gunshot Violence

***Due to Covid-19, this project is on pause. While we remain on hold, would you like to share your story? Contact Teya at teya@theaterofwitness.org to share your experiences & to learn more.***

Reverberations will bring together health professionals and community members impacted by gun violence in Philadelphia to share personal stories of living with physical, psychological and societal effects of traumatic injury, as well as treating people who have experienced gun violence.

Through creative storytelling, testimonial performance, video, photography and community engagement, Reverberations will focus on how people heal.

The goal is to create a moving performance shared in our academic medical centers and in communities across the city. The initial production will reverberate outward as it leads to additional performance, discovery, and reflection with community partners in ways unique to each of their contexts.

In creating Reverberations, we hope to explore these questions:

  • How can those who have been injured work together with others to facilitate the emotional, spiritual and social dimensions of healing?
  • How can health professionals support a holistic process of healing for those who have experienced life-changing injury?
  • How can individuals and communities heal, care for others and thrive amid structural problems of poverty and racism?
  • How can creative storytelling become part of healing for patients, families, and health professionals?