Teya’s new book – We are the Ripple Effect

I am delighted to introduce my latest book with ten performers from Northern Ireland who after thirteen years, are still presenting Theatre of Witness Peace workshops nationally and internationally:

We are the Ripple Effect –  the Legacy of Theatre of Witness in NI  will be published by The Playhouse in Derry/Londonderry March 2023. We will launch it at the Playhouse on March 5th and at Queens College in Belfast on March 8th.

It is extraordinary to see the legacy of Theatre of Witness Northern Ireland continue to reach new generations of students and community members who want to learn the lessons from the past and be inspired towards peace. The book contains the scripted parts from the original Theatre of Witness productions as well as explorations with performers about how they have grown into peacemakers and a model of community building across divides of difference.

I stand before you as a man, a grandfather, and a peacemaker.
But I actually stand before you as a convicted terrorist. – James Greer

There’s no denying that there was a lot of heroism in the conflict. But that’s not what I want my children, grandchildren, and their friends to be focusing on. We’ve got cemeteries full of heroes. And we’ve got prisons full of heroes. – Jon McCourt

Part of my role as a peacemaker, truthteller, and taboo breaker is not to hide in shame anymore.
Anne Walker

Theatre of Witness may be the only form of truth-telling we have left. – Robin Young