Moved to the depth of my being!

Thank you for making me feel grateful!

Luminous Production!

The seal around my heart for the past 40 years has been broken.

Such strength, wisdom and vision – your stories have made my mind swell to the point of bursting.

You invited us into a sacred experience of transformation.

Reconciliation before my very eyes!

This was beauty born from ugliness.

I feel a lot of movement in my heart right now – sadness and celebration.

Life changing!

I think this will go far to heal our people.

An evocative and provocative portrayal of pain, suffering and testimony to human spirit to survive, endure and transcend.

The voices of hope are stronger than the voices of fear.

I can now look at things in the future with new eyes based on hope and forgiveness and new awareness.

One cannot leave this performance without being changed and transformed.

Today I seen a prison smile, laugh and cry together.

Powerful and mind altering.  These stories will haunt and inspire me.

This performance will lead to conversation, relationship, connection and interdependence.

Thank you all for your honesty and truth….You are real peace makers.

I was reminded of the depth of honesty. Truth hurts. Truth heals. Truth renews.

Theater of Witness Trailer