Audio Stories: Mantua – From the Bottom to the Top

Mt. Vernon Manor CDC, Donna Griffin, Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Altovise Love-Craighead and Theater of Witness are happy to present poignant new audio stories from four residents of Mantua and three Philadelphia police who serve the people of Mantua.

Originally created to be a Theater of Witness production, during the pandemic, like many groups, we pivoted. Our group of residents and police had already laid the foundation of deep listening, connecting and supporting each other as they told their stories of trauma, gunshot violence, poverty, loss, and fear as well as stories of resilience, relationships, spirit, safety and transformation.

Experience their stories here.

I like to think that when we straighten our backs up, no one can keep us down. – Danielle

I am a Black man, a police officer and a peacemaker. – Seante

Home is where your heart is.
But what if you keep losing your heart? – Trae

I live with the fact that every day that I go in to work, it might be my last. – Brian

My mom came out and said, “Baby, they killed your baby.” – Rasheed

I come from a long line of African Women enslaved in America. – Rikeyah

I want to say to the people in Mantua “It’s a pleasure protecting you. It’s an honor. I won’t let you down.” – George